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Sense the welcome as soon as you enter the studio. You'll find a shoe shelf, hooks for your jackets and a hot/cold water dispenser, with cups and makings for tea. Feel free to refill your water bottles and bring them into the practice space as long as they are tightly closed.  
Magazines, recipes and miscellaneous handouts are for YOU! Take one and keep or pass on to a friend.
 Our outdoor sitting areas -- you'll notice several in front and back -- are for you. No need to rush off with that cup of tea, or cut your visit short with a yoga buddy. Have a seat and enjoy.

We have two restrooms and showers for your convenience. One is in the studio itself and the other is in the pool cabana a few steps away. Toiletries and towels are happily provided. And, yes, when weather permits we may have an occasional "pool" yoga class!

Please note these commonly observed yoga studio rules of etiquette: 

  • No shoes, cell phones or open water containers inside the actual practice space.
  • Avoid stepping on each others' mats. If you use a studio mat, please clean it with available spray and cloths.
  • Be observant of the class atmosphere when you arrive. Some classes are more meditative in nature and you'll know when that's the case. Respect your fellow students who are in a more contemplative frame of mind on certain days. If they are sitting quietly, eyes closed or gaze fixed, you might choose to leave them to their thoughts. We have lots of lovely space outside the studio where you are welcome to sit and visit.
  • Remember, Savasana is an integral part of every class, a part the instructor has worked to incorporate into an overall class plan. If you must leave before Savasana begins, notify the teacher when you arrive.
  • Please hold your questions until after class unless safety is concerned. We want to be respectful of each others' time 
  • Avoid wearing strong scents as many people are sensitive to them. We burn only unscented candles in the studio.

I'm here to serve you and answer any questions I can. Please feel free to let me know if you have concerns.​
We want you to find your yoga home here!  Namaste' 

Photo credits: Head shots of Jan -YannikRohrer.com, Austin; 
Evening practice - Lauren Swonke of Ten Ninety-Seven, Willis; 
Indoor and outdoor of studio - Stacy Tipton/stringlightsphotography.com (with a little help from Steve Dial!) 
Pam and Stacy - photos subm
Make Yourself at Home! 
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