​                                   Femke Struiksma moved to Texas from The Netherlands in 2016. She loves being a wife, mom to an active                                              toddler, and a writer. Femke challenges her students to work hard and play hard, as they explore how to translate                                    their yoga practice into daily life, both on and off the mat. Her background practicing law, in fact, has prepared her                                    uniquely to help her students focus on what's important in learning yoga. Femke recently earned her teacher                                            certification at The Woodlands Yoga Studio with Cat McCarthy, of New York and New Orleans. Femke                                                      places great emphasis on alignment and use of props ensuring students are safe whether concentrating on an                                          individual pose or practicing a flow. Femke is currently pursuing specialty certifications in other yoga styles.
                                   $15 drop-in fee. $80 Six-class package. $130 Ten-class package. Cash or check only.
                                   Those aged 70 and over receive a 10 percent discount.   (Special monthly rate for Thurs. Beginner Class)                            

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Contact info for teachers:
Femke      Call or text: (832) 349-4656
                 E-mail: f.c.dejongstruiksma@gmail.com

Charlotte   Call or text: (713) 806-3712
                  E-mail: charlotte.kelley@hotmail.com

Jan            Call or text (936) 537-4062
                  E-mail: jpd1978@yahoo.com

Charlotte Clebosky Kelley is a born teacher who brings together her two great passions -- yoga and education -- at Grace Yoga. She has genuine compassion for students and a desire to make a difference in the lives of others. With intuition and creativity, Charlotte teaches a gentle flow, adding a spike of challenge! Variations are offered for different abilities -- beginners and experienced alike -- meeting students where they are. Students of any age are encouraged to meet their own goals, whether an increase in focus, flexibility, strength, balance and calm. A longtime resident of Montgomery County and a veteran teacher with Conroe ISD, teaching yoga is just one more way Charlotte continues to contribute to her community. She is certified to teach through Austin's renowned Living Yoga Program and continues to study under the expert tutelage of Charles McInerney and Ellen B. Smith. 
$15 drop-in fee. $80 Six-class package. $100 Eight-class package. $120 Ten-class package. Cash or check only. Students 70+ receive 10 percent off. 
Jan Parker Dial is a lifelong resident of Montgomery County, save for a short foray into Louisiana when her two sons were very young. All roads, geographic and otherwise, led her to yoga. Other stops along the way included wild rides into local, state and national civic activity, and reporting for three local newspapers, It may be tough to understand how those experiences enhance her yoga instruction -- but both communications education and the sometimes illogical, even unkind world of public service now help her impart to her students the importance of yoga and its core loving kindness on and off the mat. Health of mind, body and spirit ground all her teachings. Most of all, Jan hopes that her gratitude to the teachers at Moonlight Yoga and the founders and staff of Living Yoga Program, and to every one of her students, shines in all her classes. "Gratitude is the highest yoga." $15 drop-in fee. $80 Six-class package. $100 Eight-class package. $120 Ten-class package. Discounts for those 70-plus. Credit cards, checks, cash accepted.   September Beginner Series $80 for six weeks.